The Spybeys, The Spibeys & The Spibys

During the time this site was live, we managed to unite two strands of the family together - the Spybeys & the Spibeys - and join them to a longer 'Spiby' family tree. It all came down to a misspelling on two brothers' birth certificates in the 1830s. Indeed, their father was a Spiby whose genealogy can be traced to the early 1700s.

More recently, we have been increasingly concerned about data protection and have decided to remove the content from this site.

we still would love to hear from you

If you have information to share, or would like to know more about our research, please contact us by visiting the contact page of a Spybey-run business website.

I'm sorry to ask you to contact us via there - but I don't want to share emails on this website any longer.

Thank you.

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